Welcome to Boardtest Seeger GmbH!

We are your one-stop supplier for all your PCB testing needs!

Boardtest Seeger is an independent service provider for quality assurance in electronics production and are one of the most experienced supplier for the HP / Agilent / Keysight ICT test systems

Since more than 25 years we offer complete services in all aspects and phases of production for our customers:

  • We check / validate in advance new designs for testability
  • We work together with our customers to develop the best testing strategy
  • We generate test programs and supply the necessary hardware (test fixture, fixture electronics, standard measurement equipment) directly or via our approved partners
  • We implement the testing strategy and deliver specialized trainings all around test
  • We take care of feeding the QM & logdata in your prodution monitoring systems

 We always have an open ear for the concerns of our customers!

We are the exclusive distributor for Aster Technologies for the german speaking D-A-CH region and can supply & support their full portfolio:

TestWay Express
- The standard for Test Coverage Analysis (TCA) for pre & post layout allowing design optimisation towards the chosen test strategy and calculation of the cumulated test coverage across all test strategies and vendor independant
- fully synchronized schematics & layout viewer for analysis & repair of your designs
- track & trace database with intensive reporting & analysis capabilities
- Mechanical Layout validation (DfM)
- Data generation of production data (pick & place/ test programs)